go1984 Professional Edition
  • go1984 Professional Edition
  • go1984 Professional Edition
  • go1984 Professional Edition
  • go1984 Professional Edition
  • go1984 Professional Edition

go1984 Professional Edition

Video Surveillance Software for Network Cameras
Model Number: 505451
Designed for professional and problem-free video surveillance and recording, go1984 is easy-to-use software with varied functions at an absolutely competitive price, setting a new standard for the software industry. The function range of go1984 contains everything required for professional video surveillance, including Live-Monitoring; remote control via network or Internet; controlling of PTZ cameras; scheduler for automatic recording; alarm function (acoustic, via e-mail or voice-call via ISDN); and recording (timer controlled, motion triggered or permanent). The software works as a so-called "hybrid-surveillance system," which can process digital network cameras as well as analog video sources via video servers or capture cards. Companies with existing analog video technology are therefore able to join the digital world by a "smart change," and to integrate already-existing hardware, making go1984 an important contribution to investment protection. The go1984 software supports the hardware of many well-known hardware producers, such as INTELLINET, Axis, Sony, JVC, Allnet, Panasonic, Mobotix and Logitech.
  • Video surveillance and recording solution for network cameras
  • For use with all INTELLINET NETWORK SOLUTIONS Pro Series Network Cameras
  • PTZ control for Speed-Dome Cameras
  • PTZ control for Digital PTZ Cameras 550468 and 550482
  • Can process digital network cameras and analog video sources that are connected via video servers or capture cards
  • Live Monitoring
  • Image Center allows viewing of multiple cameras simultaneously and defining of customized views
  • Calendar function
  • Remote access via network and Internet
  • Recording (scheduled, motion-triggered, constant)
  • Integrated motion detection with hot- and cold-spot masking, threshold adjustment and adaptive motion sensing
  • Acoustic alarm, via e-mail or voice-call over ISDN
  • Windows Desktop Client for live view and recording
  • Access via Web browser, iPhone, Windows Mobile phone and Desktop Client
  • Adjustable user management; e.g., live view, recording, PTZ control
  • Remote access via Web browser, iPhone, Windows Mobile phone or Desktop Client for two simultaneous connections
  • Maximum recommended camera support: 30
  • Remote client access: 2 connections
  • Supported video stream model for INTELLINET cameras: Motion-JPEG / JPEG Stream
  • No support for audio

    System Requirements
  • Windows XP, Vista (32/64-bit)
  • Intel Dual-Core processor
  • Intel Quad-Core processor recommended for larger installations with more than 10 network cameras
  • Gigabit network adapter and Gigabit network recommended for large installations
  • TCP/IP-based network environment
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How to add a Network Camera to go1984 Download
ATTENTION go1984 Users! Download
Read this before installing firmware
go1984 User Manual (ENG) Download
go1984 User Manual (GER) Download
go1984 User Manual (ESP) Download
go1984 User Manual (POL) Download
go1984 User Manual (ITAL) Download
Desktop Client User Manual (ENG) Download
Desktop Client Benutzerhandbuch (GER) Download
Guide zur go1984 Performance Optimierung Download
viele wertvolle Informationen und Tipps, um die Performance Ihres go1984 Rechners entscheidend zu verbessern.
go1984 Performance Guide Download
Learn how to improve the performance of your go1984 system.
go1984 Video Tutorials Download
14 chapters, Mediaplayer WMV files
go1984 WIndows Mobile Client Download
AVI Converter Download
Convert your recordings to AVI format
go1984 Desktop Client V Download

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